German Shorthaired Pointer Club of Indiana

AKC Hunt Test

Fall Hunt Test September 23 & 24, 2023

​Water Test Saturday, September 23, 2023

Amo Conservation Bird Dog Club

​3802 S County Rd 550 W, Coatesville, IN 46121​

​As we approach spring, take advantage of the beautiful weather for training days.  Communicate with other club members to work together on skill building.  Using and learning from one another is part of the club atmosphere.  We all have things to share, as well as, things to learn!

Each level has its own set of expectations to qualify.  Remember, although every judge was trained with the same rules and guidelines,  each judge has discretion on what they see in the field!  That's why they call it "Judgment"!  

See AKC Hunt Test Handbook for details.  Below will highlight some of the basic POINTS for each Hunt Title.  All titles are required an average score of at least 7, with no individual score lower than 4.

Junior Hunter  

Trainability-Huntability-Bird Finding-Point

Fire Blank Gun upon flush

Desire, Boldness, Independence, Speed and a Useful Running Pattern

Must pass 4 tests to achieve Junior AKC Title

Senior Hunter

Junior Guidelines followed but, less forgiving 

Retrieve shot bird/to hand not required, but within a few steps

Honoring with/without verbal command after recognize/acknowledge bracemate's point

Steady to Flush

Not to break till shot is fired

If achieved Junior Title you must then pass 4 Senior AKC test to achieve Senior AKC Title

If you skip Junior Title and go straight to Senior then you must pass 5 tests to achieve 

Senior AKC Title

Master Hunter

Junior and Senior Guidelines followed

Must not break on fire

Honor Completely on its own

Retrieve Completely to Hand

If achieved Senior AKC Title you must then pass 5 Master AKC test to achieve Master AKC Title

If you skip Senior AKC Title and go straight to Master then you must pass 6 tests to achieve 
the Master AKC Title